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Have you considered becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant? As a CNA you will help nurses provide care to patients in a hospital or medical environment. However, before you can start working as a CNA, you need to get your CNA Certification. So before we jump ahead of ourselves, let’s learn what needs to be done before we get our CNA certification.

The Definition of A Certified Nursing Assistant

A nursing assistant performs the foundation roles in patient care including checking vital signs, bathing patients, patient grooming and feeding patients. On top of the basic work, CNA’s provide emotional support during the patient’s stay in medical care. To learn more info about what you can expect as a CNA check out our tips on Instruction To CNA’s classes and The Role of a Cna. The video provides a short introduction to becoming a certified nursing assistant.

CNA Classes

The average state requirements of training are between 100 and 200 hours depending on which state you are in. In your training, you are taught the basic skills that are needed on the job as a CNA. The overall course includes classroom learning, including exams and tests on basic biology, anatomy studies and patient care, practical skills, where you learn about the foundation duties, that prep you for your hands-on learning where you are placed in a practical environment in a real life situation.

The Main Places To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

The main places that you can get CNA Training are from college or schools, training centers, hospitals, nursing homes, vocational colleges and community colleges as long as your state board accredits them.

It is recommended that you undergo formal training at a college, university or formal training center. These types of educational facilities seem in higher regard for employers, and you are more likely to get a job. You can get free information from training colleges here by submitting your details to get more information from your closest school.

We have put together a list of all the top places that you can get access to CNA Training.

Colleges and Training Facilities

You can complete your CNA training program at a formal training institution. These courses can range slightly depending on the state. To get more information about a CNA training school click here.

Online Training

A select number of colleges offer the theory section of your CNA course online. However be aware that you can’t do the whole course online, because of the practical hands-on aspects of your degree. A word of warning, any website that boasts full accreditation online is probably a fraud. For more info, check out our info on online CNA Training

Nursing Homes

Following community college, getting CNA Training in a nursing home is the most popular place to get trained. Nursing homes normally offer a free course because of severe shortages. The catch is that they require you to work at the nursing home for a few months after you are certified. A nursing home will give you a more hands-on approach to your training as you will be learning in an environment that requires hands on work and the main benefit is that they will pay for the costs and you get a guaranteed job. To get more information about a CNA training school click here.

Red Cross

Another option is to do your CNA training is through the Red Cross. Due to its main locations throughout the US, it is probably the most available CNA course available to date.

CNA Certification Exam

Once you have done the CNA Training course, you can then apply to do your state CNA Certification exam. The exam is split into two sections. Number one, you complete a written theory exam, which is mostly multiple choice.

The second part of the exam is the practical section. You will be tested on your foundation skills including patient care both physical and emotional. The test will be completed on a dummy (staged) patient and the person supervising the exam will rate you on a series of criteria.

Why Do CNA Training?

However, the major benefit is the doors it opens into the medical profession, because as they say the hardest thing is to get your foot in the door. There are a lot of promotion opportunities including LPN training (Licensed Practical Nurse) or even end up becoming a doctors assistant.

A note to add is that some colleges require you to have a CNA Certification before they allow you into their nursing program.

Finding A Job

Getting a job as a CNA should be relatively easy as there is a major shortage or well-skilled staff in hospitals. Make sure that you apply at good places and prepare for your job interview

According to a recent report published by the government, the overall growth in nursing aides will grow by 18% between 2008 and 2018 because of the increasing aging population. There will be a greater demand for CNA’s in nursing facilities and old age facilities as well as technology increases helping us live longer will also drive up the demand for nursing aides.

If you decide to get trained at a nursing home, it should be easy to continue working at the same facility.

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